Tumiso’s Heavenly Wedding

Two months ago, my Evariam Beauty Team and I had the honor of providing hair and makeup services to beautiful bride, Tumiso and her bridal squad at The Ranch in Polokwane; planned and coordinated by Absolute Perfection Event Styling & Coordination. And what a glorious day it was. I absolutely loved their colour scheme; so regal and classy!

Feast your eyes….

Pictures courtesy of Clareece Smit Photography

Lerato tumiso wedding Limpopo044.jpg

Lerato tumiso wedding Limpopo002.jpg

Lerato tumiso wedding Limpopo033.jpg

Lerato tumiso wedding Limpopo031.jpg

Lerato tumiso wedding Limpopo004.jpg

Lerato tumiso wedding Limpopo034.jpg

Lerato tumiso wedding Limpopo049.jpg



Make-Up Tips For Bride-To-Bes

Happy New year to you my lovely readers and aloha to the newbies! I know I’ve been bad in posting those sweet bridal stories and do apologize. Hopefully I’ll improve this year *wink*.

Anyway, I just realized that I never mentioned here on the blog I was a make-up artist…silly…I know…but yes I am. It’s actually my first love and I’m very good at it. What propelled me to write this post was my experience with a few brides I’ve worked on since I got back into it as well as the metlholos I see on the popular Mzansi Magic wedding show, Our Perfect Wedding. Some days I see the make up and literally switch channels.


So I have a few tips for you future brides on getting their faces makeup-ready as well as finding the right make-up artist:

  1. A make-up trial is a must
    A trial session eases the stress off on the big day because it gives you an opportunity to discuss your look and for the two of you to play around with the colours that’ll work on the big day. It also prepares the makeup artist in terms of the type of skin they’ll be dealing with. Nothing inconveniences a makeup artist more than having to change certain things because bride is unhappy with the outcome. I always insist on a trial.
  2. Skin prep 1
    Go for a facial the week before the wedding. It does wonders to your skin which ensures make-up sits well on your skin, giving you a flawless finish.
  3. Skin prep 2:
    On the day of the trial and on the wedding day, please cleanse, tone and moisture your face before the make-up artist starts working on your face. This year I had two brides with almost flawless skin. Problem, they had applied Pond’s ahead of the session and had to remove the foundation and start over. Ladies, Pond’s is nice and wonderful but not before you apply make-up. It makes the foundation and powder patch. You literally end up having patches of different tones on your face – quite untidy. Rather leave out moisturizer and go straight to primer or ask your makeup artist for a moisturizer suitable for your skin type. I’ve recently added moisturizer to my kit…just in case.
  4. Over-plucked eyebrows
    This is my pet hate! Working on a bride you know had their beautiful thick brows butchered down to a thin surprised-look line at a hair salon…just grates my nipples!. I’d advise you to check if your make-up artist can groom eyebrows as well. Chances are, they can…and more professionally so. Rather wait for them to do it. They’ll probably charge an extra fee but it’ll be worth it. Trust me.
  5. Eye issues (Dark circles, dry eyes, puffy eyes, lazy eye & eyebags)
    9 out of ten brides have one of these issues. If you know that you struggle with one of these, please please please get some sleep, I’d say 3 days before the wedding DO NOT take chances. I don’t care if the aunties from Musina arrive at 11PM and expect you to be up so they can ululate…no…play dead in that bed. There’s only so much a concealer can do. Try and turn in early the night before the wedding as well.
  6. Tight braids/ weave
    This one is short and simple – please install your braids or weaves at least 5 days before the wedding; more especially if you know your stylist is one of those with the strong, tightening hand. You don’t want to be uncomfortable on one of the happiest days of your life.
  7. Hair trial
    One of the important things black brides tend to not take seriously. Ok I’ll cut you some slack on getting that weave or braids installed 6 days before the wedding but question is…are you going to wear it/them down like that on the day? Thought not. My advise is, try to have your hair done in time for your makeup trial, have your braids or weave styled as you’ll want it done on the wedding day. That way you know how the whole look will come out. I’ve seen brides struggle to style their weaves and braids on the big day, which ends up delaying everything. Bad start to a day. No makeup artist wants to do rushed work because their booked time was taken by hair struggles.
  8. False lashes are not compulsory
    Don’t get me wrong-false lashes are cute. They enhance your look tremendously…BUT…they really aren’t necessary. I’ve worked on brides with not so long nor thick lashes who insisted on just mascara and their make up came out stunning. And they you get those who are gifted with lashes still insisting on false lashes…yup. I say, go to your trial without them on…do your trial and see the results before rushing to get them installed. Remember, you want to enhance your features and looks angelic on your wedding day…not a completely different person.
  9. No makeup commentators please – ok black brides, I understand that it’s your bedroom and everyone wants to come and greet you and check up on you, but that aunt or friend that decides to appoint themselves as verbal makeup artist are plain annoying. All those “Are you going to apply this?” “What is that?” “Shouldn’t you use black eyeshadow at the corners of the eye?” “Maybe add a bit of gloss”…uuuuurrrrggghhhh. Shoot me now!

I hope this helps. All the best lovies.

If you’d like to book me to do your makeup, pop me an email on makeup@evariam.co.za or whatsapp me on 071 883 6348.

Otherwise you can check out my facebook page evariam makeup or on instagram @evariam_makeup


Before you say I Do…

In fact, before you even take it to the elders…have you considered marriage counseling? No? Ok. This is where a lot of couples get off the wrong foot…and this my friend is why our divorce courts are so packed daily. We get so caught up in the butterflies, the bling on the finger, calling friends at 11:00PM yelling “OMG OMG he proposed!! Girrrrl you should see the rock!!”; the next thing the elders are involved; and we all know once it gets to that stage, there’s no turning back aker… But worry not, I’m here.

So dames en here…before you even pick up that phone to call mom & dad, have you considered the following?

1. Financial plans/ status

  • Is he/she in the habit of spending – I’m sure there had been a rainy day or two while you were dating. How did your partner deal with it? Did they run around borrowing money from friends & family? Did they run to 20 banks looking for loans or did they instead calmly dig into their savings/ investments/ policies? This should set the tone for your marriage. Of course the latter would be ideal but if the former was the case then….you guys need to sit down and discuss this.
  • Do they care about what other people think of them? Are they reckless spenders? You know brands, parties, top shayela kind of lifestyle etc. Of course there’s nothing wrong with a posh lifestyle…only if you can afford it. Or else you run a risk of parking an X5 and walking into a house with only tomato sauce in the fridge & ice cubes in the freezer.

2. Dreams – Do you have dreams you’d still like to pursue?

  • Is he/she supportive of it. Will he be patient with you when you finally tackle that MBA, all those sleepless nights and lethargic days?
  • Will they be supportive when you get that scholarship you always dreamed of to go study in another continent?
  • Will they support you when you one day make it in the music industry and have to go on a series of tours and night performances? Or are they going throw the conveniently “traditional” “o mosadi/monna wa lapa” emotional blackmail at you.

3. Goals – Do you share the same life goals?

  • Does he want to settle in a nice, tranquil farm house while you instead are a big city girl who’d die of boredom living on a farm.
  • How many kids do they want?
  • Do they even want kids?

4. Personalities – VERY important
They say opposites attract but some opposites can be too extreme. You need to ask yourself a few things about him;

  • “How is he/she when upset?”
  • “How’s his/her temper?”
  • “How do they handle stressful situations?”
  • “How are they around children?”
  • “Is he/she generally a happy person”
  • “How was his upbringing?”
  • “Do you make each other laugh/smile/generally happy or miserable?”
  • “Are you yourself completely/comfortable around them? Do they love you for the person you are or are trying to change you?”

5. Sex

This one’s for those who are already in. If you aren’t, then you many swiftly skip this one.

  • How is the sex?
  • Do you discuss your sex?
  • Do you go all out to please each other or is it one of those…boxes to check and move on with life?

6. Parenting

  • Do the two of you want kids?
  • How many?
  • At what ages do you both want to close the shop?
  • Would he have a masectomy or leave all that responsibility to you?

7. Spirituality/ religion

Unless you aren’t religious at all, it takes a strong person to abandon a religion they’ve grown to love and reference for a completely different one. I find that from a Christianity point of view, Christian women/men don’t mind changing changes churches for their better half as long as the message is similar. But I’ve seen marriages going through strains because the husband goes to ZCC while the wife insists on abazalwane.

8. Culture – So you are that girl from a liberal family and he on the other hand is that staunch traditionalist together with his family…worse, he is of a culture different to yours.

  • Have you been to his hometown?
  • Do you know what’s expected of you when you visit their home or even as a spouse from a cultural perspective?

9. Their relationship with your family

If they don’t gel with your family or you with theirs…boy you’re in for a lifetime dose of misery. Your other half should be able to pick up the phone to check up on your ailing mother or better yet, go see her in hospital without you by their side. I’m not saying you should be BFFs with each other’s parents and siblings, but there must be genuine love there.  Otherwise you’ll end up in a situation where you two sulk whenever the other party goes to visit their family or worse, have them choose between “marriage” and their family. It happens…it’s been happening…people have divorced over such.

10. Are you over your past relationships?

  • Have you forgiven?
  • Have you completely let go?
  • Do you have any guilt?
  • Is your heart still with someone?

A friend of mine once said something along the lines of “Le nna ke batla ho le utlwa lenyalo” tr “I also want to feel what it’s like being married”. Of course there are so may red flags about this statement but hey…*shrugs*

A young newsbreak: Beyonce’s mom got married this weekend!

To those of you who aren’t very active on twitter & Instagram, you MAY have missed this one…mama Tina got married to long-term actor boyfriend, Richard Lawson this past weekend! Remember she had separated with Bey’s dad, Matthew Knowles back in 2009 after it emerged that he fathered a love child then finally divorced him in 2011? After 33 years of marriage bathong…at age 57.  The now 61-year-old Tina is proof that one is never too old to find love akere.

The wedding took place on a 140-ft yacht (ballers!); all guests dressed in white…bit of a de ja vu of Solange’s wedding. Which makes me wonder, was Bey’s (mysterious) wedding an all-white affair too? Or like her mom & sister is she going to take “2nd” trip down the aisle in the future naye asishaye nge all white? Remember my prophecy one day when this happens… Anyways, it seems both daughters were there along with their hubbies and kids to support mommy. This is the only decent photo I could find….wabo…gugothandayo ladies!

The couple looked angelic in matching white outfits.

Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Lawson!!








Why did (are) you get(ting) married?

No, this is not a movie review…sorry…ha-ha! So I’ve been married for 6 years after we’d been together for 5. Every now and then my husband and I will casually reflect on our marriage and usually focus on factors such as spirituality, finances, parenting, personality traits, future plans, growth….sex etc. We find that after these many years, we’re such opposites and yet we complement each other…how…don’t ask.

So I thought why not throw this at my readers.So!

  1. Married sisters…and brothers, why did you get married?
  2. If you’re engaged, why are you getting married?
  3. If you’re still single & mingling, why do you want to get married one day?

In my next post, I’ll give out a few tips on the singles who wish to get married as well as the engaged bunch…for now, let’s chew on this one.



Karen & Gerald’s Wedding


Date of the wedding: 03 May 2014
Wedding Venue: Meikles Hotel, Harare, Zimbabwe
Names of the couple: Karen Matongo & Gerald Makedenge
Occupations of the couple: Project Administrator and Environmentalist
Cultural background of the couple: Both Shona from Zimbabwe


We met through mutual friends on Facebook.
We dated for 5 years before getting married
The proposal – On 05 May 2013 he gate crushed my surprise birthday party and proposed in front of my friends and sisters.


Our wedding was…Elegant

I walked down the aisle to Oceans by Hillsong

Walking down that aisle I thought “Is this really happening? Finally”

For our first dance, we danced to I knew l loved you before I met you by Salvage Garden

The feeling of being a bride was priceless and awesome, unexplainable, every girls dream.

The whole day was a highlight; everything was planned to perfection…just awesome throughout.

If I had to do it all over again, I’d change the time from 10 hours to 24 hrs.

My advice to future brides – Planning is essential to a great wedding and also simple is the sister of beautiful


I was dressed by Morgan and Brown for my 1st dress.


My 2nd dress was from EuroBride


The groom and groomsmen were dressed by Serge Nouvelle


Bridesmaids were dressed by Annabel


Make up: Sharon
Hair: Jennifer


Photography by Jenna Ashely (fb name is Jenna ashely photography)


Videography by Mike (Fb: Digsol Media Studios)


Cake by Mrs J Ruwanda (00263772352982)


Décor by Winlian (fbk winlian décor)


*Wedding planner was Kevin (fbk name kevin wedding planner)


Congratulations to the beautiful couple. I wish you a marriage a beautiful and full of smiles as your wedding was!




5 Reasons Why You Need A Wedding Planner

1. You can’t do EVERYTHING by yourself

Unless you are unemployed, don’t run a busy business, you will face challenges. You need someone who’ll run around for you while at work. Weekends aren’t enough sometimes as life (shopping, house chores, church, family time if you have little ones etc) has to happen during those two days. If your maid of honor also works full-time, their hands are just as tied. Yes a few suppliers will go the extra mile of seeing you afterhours but bridal shops and many other retails stores don’t really care shem.

2. They are well-connected

They always know where to find what at good prices. Since planning weddings is their focus/jobs, they maintain relationships with a lot of suppliers. Let’s face it, unless you or your man are some millionaires, you’ll need to bargain here and there and these people know where to find those bargains. One of my aunts, whom I’ve been begging for years to go into the business of wedding planning makes it her job to know pretty much all the suppliers locally. If you live in a big city and are going to have a wedding there, then you might survive planning the wedding yourself up to a certain point but if you, say live in Joburg and your wedding is in Limpopo….well that’s another story.

3. Your wedding is their job

A professional wedding planner (and I’m not talking those clueless looking, attention-seeking ones we see on Our Perfect Wedding) will dedicate their time into making your wedding perfect. A good wedding planner will not only be your errand girl/boy but they’ll be there for you emotionally when you need them, they should even assist when you can’t decide which hairstyle to go with and and and.

4. They’re there on the day

Many brides have tried this and failed. On your wedding day you’re helpless…and useless to say the least. All you can do on the day is look pretty and enjoy your day. I regretted not hiring a wedding planner when my song wasn’t played when I walked the aisle (even after the Dj swore to my husband he had it), when I walked into the marquee and the floor was dirty and there were no refreshments on the guests’ tables, when the MC kept messing up the programme etc. Those are the things a dedicated planner would’ve picked up and made sure they didn’t occur.

5. You need to focus on you & your other half

You need time for yourself. You need to relax. You need to keep the flame going with your partner and not get lost in the wedding planning that you even forget what the day is really about (celebrating your love). You need to enjoy the day before the wedding without worrying where the decor lady or the cake is. That’s a planner’s job. In some cases you end up fighting with your other half over things that  could’ve been sorted out by your wedding planner.

Finally, a good wedding planner doesn’t come cheap but are worth it. If you pay them, them use them.